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Metal vs Shingle Roofing: Which Is Best For You?

Are you in the market for a new roof? Trying to determine if a shingle roof or metal roof would be the best option for your needs? Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso, Florida discusses the various benefits of each and which may be the best option for you. Have additional questions about roofing? Interested in scheduling roof installation or replacement services? Simply reach out to our roofing company nearby, we’d be happy to provide a quote and get you added to our schedule for an appointment.

Metal Roofs Can Be More Durable

When it comes to durability, metal roofing tends to last quite a bit longer, about twice as long in some cases. Metal roofing can also withstand the effects of nature better in a lot of cases, especially when it comes to things like hail damage. Metal roofing can last for 50+ years, whereas shingle roofs typically last at the longest, 25 years.

Shingle Roofs Are Cheaper Upfront

When it comes to upfront cost, shingle roofing is much cheaper than the metal alternative. Due to the cost of materials and ease of installation, you can save quite a bit of money. For those planning on selling their home within the next decade or so, a shingle roof can be a better option, for those planning on staying in their home much longer, a metal roof may turn out to be a better option, however.

Metal Roofs Are Eco Friendly

For those that are concerned about how eco friendly their roof is, they may be more interested in a metal roofing option. Shingle roofing is often discarded instead of recycled (although this is becoming more common), leading to a lot of waste around the world.

Shingle Roofs Are Easier To Install/Repair

As mentioned above, shingle roofs are actually easier to install and even repair and can be used in more situations. Due to this, it is cheaper upfront and can even be cheaper when it comes to repairs in the long run. Metal roofing, however, is less likely to need repairs, it can happen though.

Schedule Valparaiso Roofing Installation Today

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