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How Often Should I Be Cleaning My Gutters?

When it comes to living in the Florida Panhandle, rain can be quite common, especially during the spring/summer months. Gutters are a wonderful way to ensure the water from these storms is properly diverted away from the roof and home to prevent any problems. In order to work properly, it is a must to maintain your gutters and ensure they are clear of debris that could cause water to build up or distribute improperly. So, how often should you be cleaning your gutters? We’ll be discussing that and some tips for how to clean your gutters as well. Have questions about our Florida Panhandle gutter repair/installation services? Interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact Timberman Roofing today to get started.

Routinely Cleaning Your Gutters

Want to make sure your gutters are working as best as possible at all times? We recommend checking your gutters at least every 2 months in the Florida Panhandle. The majority of homes in our area have trees in the yard, making debris build up a bit quicker than it may in other areas. Every 3 months we recommend cleaning them regardless of build up just to ensure everything is working properly.

How To Clean Your Gutters

For the job of cleaning your gutters we recommend gloves, a hose and a ladder. Do NOT climb around on your roof attempting to clean gutters, that is a great way to fall and get injured. Using the ladder, properly stabilize yourself and slowly remove any debris you may have. Once everything seems pretty good, run water from the hose through the gutter system to wash anything else away and ensure they are working properly.

Schedule Valparaiso Gutter Repair/Installation Services Today

Noticed some damage to your gutters? Considering gutters for your new home? For any of your Florida Panhandle gutter needs, simply reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.


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