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Are Solar Panels Bad For My Roof?

It seems within the last few years, the rate of solar panels being installed has jumped dramatically throughout the Florida Panhandle. More and more people are trying to “go green” and save on their utility bills. At Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso, Florida, we often get asked whether or not solar panels are bad for your roof. The answer is a bit more complicated than just a yes or no. Today, we’ll be discussing why/when/how solar panels can negatively impact your roof and what you can do to avoid problems? Have additional questions? Interested in our Florida Panhandle roofing services? For any of your roofing needs, simply reach out.

Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Prior to installing solar panels on your roof, there are certain things to consider. Different roofs can carry different loads of weight, you want to make sure that your roof can handle the additional weight of the solar panel system being installed. It is also important to check the state of your roof prior to installation, if your roof is older, it may be best to replace the roof prior to installing the panels. Additionally, if any damage is noticed, it should be repaired prior to installation as well. Another consideration to keep in mind is the slope of your roof, solar panels need to be installed in specific spots at specific angles to ensure you benefit from them as best as possible. Wondering if your roof needs to be repaired prior to solar panel installation? Interested in replacing your roof prior to installing solar panels? Give Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso a call, we’ll come out, do an inspection and provide a quote for any work required.

How Can Solar Panels Ruin My Roof?

As mentioned above, the question of whether or not solar panels are bad for your roof can be a bit complicated. When improperly installed, solar panels can in fact cause some damage to the roof of your home or business. However, when installed properly, solar panels can actually provide roof protection and increase your home or business’s value. We recommend working with a reputable company that has plenty of references and reviews you can look over.

Schedule a Florida Panhandle Roofing Inspection Today

Need a roofing inspection prior to solar panel installation? Need to replace your current roof before you begin? Think your solar panels might have caused damage to your roof? For any of your roofing needs, contact our Florida Panhandle roofing company today.


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