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Understanding Your Roof: A Guide to Roofing Components

Think you may have spotted damage to your roof? Wondering if you may need an inspection or maintenance? The roof of your home is responsible for preventing water damage and other hazards to your home and is a very important part of the structure. At Timberman Roofing we often find that clients don’t understand their roof and the various components that make it up. Today, we’re discussing the various parts of the roof so that you gain a better understanding and can easily spot signs of wear and tear that need addressing.


The support structure of your roof is typically wooden or metal joists. These joists can be flat or angled depending upon the type of building. The support structure of your roof keeps it firm during high winds, hurricanes and other weather conditions.


Insurlocation is placed between the joints of your roof. There are various types of insulation, however, fiberglass is the most common. Insulation helps to trap hot/cold air in the building and can improve the energy efficiency of your building or hone.


Decking is the main structure of your roof and is typically made using plywood or OSB. In some situations, especially commercial ones, concrete or metal decking can also be used.


Underlayment is a layer of the roof that helps to improve water resistance. Underlayment is placed between the decking and exterior layer. This layer is typically only damaged when water has leaked past the exterior layer.

Exterior Layer

Most commercial and residential structures utilize shingles or metal as the exterior layer, however, other roofs can be utilized. This layer is typically the layer that has wear-and-tear you can notice. If you notice any signs of damage, it is recommended to contact a Florida Panhandle HVAC company immediately.

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Noticing any wear-and-tear on your roof? Think you may need an inspection and some repairs? Contact Timberman Roofing today, we would be more than happy to help with any of your Florida Panhandle roofing needs.

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