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Why Is My Roof Leaking?

Have you noticed spots of water on your ceiling? Worried your roof may be leaking? Not sure why you would have a leak in your roof? Today, Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso is discussing the various reasons someone may have a roof leak and what you should do about it. Have questions? Need roof leak repair in Valparaiso or the surrounding Florida Panhandle areas? Reach out today, we’d be happy to assist with any of your needs.

Old Roof

Although it would be nice if roofs lasted forever, they unfortunately do not. Once a roof is past its prime, it is susceptible to damage and leaks that could compromise other parts of your home. We recommend contacting a roofing company in Valparaiso to determine if your roof needs to be replaced.

Ventilation Problems

Do you notice water spots or moisture in certain rooms of your home? Bathrooms, kitchens and even sunrooms can be highly susceptible to moisture build up, leading to damage over time. These areas can also harbor mold, causing a range of health issues. We recommend making sure ventilation is proper in these areas to avoid problems.

Poor Installation/Materials

It is highly important to make sure you hire the right Valparaiso roofing contractor to work on the roof of your home. Poor installation and lower quality materials almost always lead to leaks of some form. We recommend asking for lots of references when it comes to shopping for your roof.

Punctured Roof

Although roofs are pretty tough, certain debris such as large branches can actually puncture an area, leading to damage and the possibility of a leak. We recommend always making sure branches around your roof are trimmed back so that this doesn’t occur.

Schedule Valparaiso Roof Leak Repair Today

Think you may be experiencing any of the above issues? Need roof leak repair in Valparaiso, Florida or the surrounding areas? Contact Timberman Roofing today to get started.


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