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Advantages of Shingle Roofs

When it comes to roofing, shingles are the most common material used for residential buildings in America, with an estimated 80% of homes using them. But what exactly are roofing shingles? Are they the best option for your home? Is there a better option available for your investment? Today, Timberman Roofing of Valparaiso, Florida is discussing the advantages and disadvantages of shingle roofing and whether it is the best option for you. Got additional questions? Interested in scheduling a roofing inspection in Valparaiso, Florida to determine your best option? Simply contact us today, we’ll get you added to our schedule.

Advantages of Shingle Roofs

When it comes to roofing materials, shingles have various benefits, which can include:


Shingle roofs are by far the most affordable when it comes to your home. Due to the fact they are quick and easy to install, it reduces installation costs. They are durable when installed correctly and can easily last for about 25-30 years when properly maintained throughout their lifetime.


As mentioned above, shingle roofing is extremely easy to install, repair and even replace. Special tools and accessories typically aren’t required to install the roofing, making the job much easier to complete and again, more affordable in the long run.


Shingle roofing comes in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, allowing you to achieve the exact look you desire. Shingles are waterproof, fireproof and can add extra protection to the home. They can be easily installed on a variety of types of roofs, making them a wonderful option for most homes.

Disadvantages of Shingle Roofs

Although there are many advantages to shingle roofing, there are some disadvantages as well, which include:


Due to the fact roof shingles are so lightweight, they can also be susceptible to damage from wind and other elements. We recommend an inspection following any storms that have high winds, heavy rains or even hail.

Less Durable

Although shingle roofing is a more affordable option, more durable options such as tile, metal and even slate roofs do exist. These alternative options can often last 50+ years when maintained properly, ultimately making them a much more durable option in the long run.

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