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Signs You May Need Roof Replacement

Have you had your roof inspected since you purchased your home? Noticed some wear-and-tear? Damaged shingles? Does your roof look worn or old? Neighbors replacing the roof to their home? When it comes to owning a home, periodic roof maintenance and even replacement is necessary. Today, Timberman Roofing is discussing the different signs that it may be time to replace the roof to your home or even business. Have additional questions about the state of your roof? Interested in scheduling an inspection with Timberman Roofing? Reach out today, let us know what you’ve got going on, we’ll provide a quote and get you added to our schedule.

Damaged Shingles

Have you noticed cracked, curled or otherwise damaged shingles on your roof? Even minor wear-and-tear can become a more serious problem when not properly addressed. If you notice any damage to the shingles on your roof, we recommend contacting a Florida Panhandle roofing company to provide an inspection.

Missing Shingles

Along with damaged shingles, missing shingles can be a good sign that your roof needs some attention. In some cases, repairs may be necessary, in other cases it may be time to replace the entire roof.

Roof Granules

Have you noticed granules of your roof in your downspouts or gutters? Seeing roof granules can be a sign that your roof is slowly deteriorating and may need to be replaced or possible repaired. We would be happy to provide an inspection and let you know.

Roof Age

Have you had the same roof for 10-20 years? Maybe since you purchased the home or business? Shingle roofs typically last between 10-20 years, depending upon various factors. If you have a shingle roof that is 10+ years old, we recommend periodic inspections to determine if maintenance, repairs or replacement may be required.

Schedule Florida Panhandle Roof Replacement Today

Think you may need roof replacement in the Florida Panhandle? Contact Timberman Roofing today, we would be happy to assist with any of your roofing needs.


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