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Should My Florida Panhandle Gutters Be Repaired Or Replaced?

If you live in the “Sunshine State” chances are you know how much it actually rains here. With the amount of rain we receive in the Florida Panhandle, it is highly recommended to have a gutter system installed on your home. Rain gutters can help move rainwater away from your home, roof and foundation, reducing the risk of water-related damages. Like most things, gutters do not last forever due to nature. Today, Timberman Roofing is discussing whether you should repair OR replace your rain gutter system. Have questions? Interested in scheduling an appointment with our gutter installers in the Florida Panhandle? Reach out today for any of your needs.

Repairing Your Gutter System When it comes to repairing your rain gutter system, it is only recommended if the majority of the gutters are in good shape. Minor repairs can be made, however, if major damage is done to parts of the gutter system, it may be best to replace that portion or the entire system depending upon various factors. When You Should Replace Your Gutters As mentioned above, anything outside of minor damage/issues should be replaced. When a gutter system is not properly functioning, it can result in issues related to rain, such as roof leaks, foundation problems and even flooding. You should make sure your gutter system is working properly and not clogged periodically throughout the year, especially during the rainy season in Florida. If you notice more standing water around your home, signs of leaks, etc. reach out for an inspection.

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Interested in a new gutter system for your home? Think you may need Florida Panhandle gutter repairs? For any of your needs, simply reach out to Timberman Roofing. We’re always happy to help our community.


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