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Should I Pressure Wash My Shingle Roof?

When it comes to owning a home, most people want their investment to look as nice as possible. This often includes the roof. At Timberman Roofing we often see people who attempted to pressure wash their shingle roof or were convinced by a company that they should allow them to do it. Unfortunately, in most cases, pressure washing your shingle roof is not a great idea and better alternatives exist. Today, Timberman Roofing in Okaloosa County, Florida will be discussing roof pressure washing and why you may want to opt for another roof cleaning option. Have additional questions about roof pressure washing? Our Florida Panhandle roofing services? For any of your needs, simply contact Timberman Roofing. We’re always happy to assist those in our community.

Why You Should NOT Pressure Wash Shingle Roofs People often think if a roof can hold up to rains and storms, a pressure washer should be no problem. This, however, is far from the case. A pressure washer can quite literally tear through human skin. It is an extremely pressurized jet of water often used to remove debris from a surface. When it comes to shingles, this pressure can actually damage the shingles to the roof and result in the shingles becoming damaged, lifted or even removed entirely. On a lower setting you may avoid damage but it also probably won’t provide the results you are looking for. So How Exactly Do I Clean My Roof?

You may be wondering how should I clean my roof then? There are quite a few ways which include simply removing debris, spraying any mildew, mold or moss, and simply maintaining your roof properly. In many cases we see where someone is trying to “clean” their roof, it simply needs repairs or a complete replacement and no amount of cleaning is going to make the roof structurally sound like it needs to be.

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