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Post-Hurricane Roofing Checklist

Have you recently been impacted by a hurricane? Worried about one that is currently forming? Wondering what kind of damage a hurricane or other big storm could do to your roof? Wishing you had a post-hurricane/storm roofing checklist? Today, Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso is discussing hurricane damage and a roofing checklist to ensure your roof and home are in the best shape possible following a storm. Have additional questions? Think you need a roofing inspection? Maybe roof repairs? Reach out to Timberman Roofing today for any of your Panhandle roofing needs, we are always ready to help, can provide a free inspection and an honest quote, and would be happy to get you on our schedule.

Picture of Hurricane Force Winds

Post-Hurricane Checklist

Following a hurricane or bad storm in the Florida Panhandle, it can be important to assess your roof and other parts of the house, including:

Inspecting Your Roof

We recommend visually inspecting your roof by walking around your home, taking note of any wear-and-tear or damage you may notice. Chipped, cracked, dented, curled and even missing shingles should be noted. Even minor storm damage can become a serious problem when not addressed properly. If you notice any signs of damage, a professional inspection should be your next step.

Vents, Gutters & Other Roofing Accessories

We also recommend checking for dented gutters, gable vents, overhangs, and other roofing accessories. Damage to these areas could result in roof damage and other problems as time goes on if they are not addressed.


Following a storm, some damage may be harder to spot than others. This can result in leaks and water spots in the attic of your home. We recommend using a flashlight to properly inspect your whole attic for any signs of a breach.


Inspecting the ceilings in your home should be another step following a big storm or hurricane. Minor damage from the outside can be hard to spot and result in leaks and other problems on the interior of your home.


While inspecting your home for any signs of hurricane damage, we also recommend checking the windows of your home for any cracks, chipped or other damage.

Contact Our Roofing Company Near You Today

Noticed anything off during your post-hurricane roofing inspection? Contact Timberman Roofing today to schedule your free roof inspection and estimate. We’d be happy to determine if any repairs or replacements may be needed and let you know an estimated cost.


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