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Hurricane Roof Preparation Tips

Did you know that during hurricanes your roof may be exposed to winds upwards of 155 mph? Winds like these have the ability to remove roof shingles, tiles and even the underlying roof deck. When it comes to checking the condition of your roof, we certainly recommend to do so BEFORE the storm ever hits along with inspecting it after. A well-maintained roof is a must when it comes to surviving the strong winds and rain a hurricane can produce. Have questions? Need to schedule a hurricane roof inspection in the Florida Panhandle? Feel free to reach out to Timberman Roofing today, we’d be happy to assist with any of your roofing needs.

Pre-Hurricane Roof Inspections

While it may be possible to perform your own roofing inspection, we personally recommend trusting in a professional. We have years of experience navigating roofs and know exactly what to be looking for. Based upon your professional inspection, we can recommend any repairs, maintenance or replacements that may be necessary prior to the storm.

Roof Repairs

Want to reduce the risk of your roof being damaged by high winds or heavy rains? It is important to make repairs to any shingles, tiles, fascia or soffit boards that may need it. Neglecting to maintain or repair these areas could result in water penetrating the area and damage due to winds.

Secure Furniture

Have furniture on your porch or lawn? Did you know these can easily become projectiles that can damage your roof and other areas of your home during a storm? We recommend placing furniture inside your garage or an enclosed area to reduce the risk of any problems.

Tree Trimming

Heavy winds can easily dislodge branches, leading to damage to your roof. We recommend trimming any branches or trees that may hang over your roof. If possible, it is best to get any trees trimmed in the area around your house, high winds can throw things quite a ways.

Purchase Tarp

Have you noticed lots of homes covered in tarps following hurricanes or bad storms? Tarps are often used to prevent additional damage following heavy rains or winds. These can often be in shortage following a storm, we recommend getting your tarp and having it ready when a hurricane is coming your way.

Clean Debris

Does your roof have debris such as leaves or sticks? Gutters full? We recommend clearing any debris from your roof and gutters prior to the hurricane’s arrival. Neglecting to do so can result in water not flowing properly, increasing your risk of water damage during and after the storm.

How Can Timberman Roofing Help?

At Timberman Roofing we are happy to provide free roof inspections throughout the Florida Panhandle (Okaloosa, Walton, Santa Rosa, Escambia and Bay counties). We'll also provide a free roofing quote for anything we may recommend (repairs, replacements, etc.). Along with your roofing needs, we also offer rain gutter systems which can help to move rainwater away from your home during storms, reducing the risk of flooding, leaks and other issues.

Schedule Florida Panhandle Post-Hurricane Roof Inspections Today

Has your roof been damaged during a recent hurricane or bad storm? Think you may need a post-hurricane roof inspection in the Florida Panhandle? Contact Timberman Roofing today to get started, we’re always happy to help.


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