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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Roof & Gutters

Hurricane Ian recently barreled through Florida, leaving lots of damage in its wake. Unfortunately, hurricane season is not quite over yet for Florida and the Panhandle in general. Today, Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso, Florida is providing some advice/tips on hurricane preparedness when it comes to your roof and gutters. Have questions? Interested in scheduling an appointment with us? For any of your needs, simply reach out.

  • Check your roof (safely - or call a professional if need be) for any signs of damage. This can include curled, cracked, crumbling or even missing shingles along with any holes that may exist in your roof (hopefully that is not the case),

  • If you notice any signs of damage, we highly recommend reaching out for roof repairs near you. Damaged roofs can quickly become much worse when not promptly addressed. This can lead to further damage to the roof along with the rest of your home.

  • Check around your roof and home for any trees/branches/debris that could cause damage to your roof, gutter system or rest of the home. Trim anything that may be needed and dispose of anything else that could become a projectile.

  • If you have a gutter system (which why wouldn’t you if you live in the Florida Panhandle? - reach out for a quote if you need) be sure to check and make sure there is not a bunch of debris in the gutters. This can reduce their effectiveness. We recommend spraying them out with your hose to ensure water can flow properly away from the home during the storm.

  • You should also check for any signs of damage to your gutter system, this can result in loss of effectiveness as well, leading to various issues around your home. If you can, make any minor repairs. If you need more extensive repairs/replacements to your gutter system, Timberman Roofing would be happy to provide an inspection and quote.

  • Downspouts should be checked as well, make sure they are connected properly, not blocked and able to move the rainwater away from your space.

Contact Our Valparaiso Roofing Company Today

If you need any help inspecting your roof or gutter system, feel free to reach out to Timberman Roofing. We can provide an inspection and let you know of any repairs or replacements that may be recommended.


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