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How The Environment Impacts Your Roof

Have you been wondering how exactly the environment can impact the roof on your home or business? Today, Timberman Roofing in Valparaiso, Florida is discussing exactly how the environment and mother nature can affect your roof. Got questions? Need repairs? A roofing inspection? We would be happy to help with any of your needs, simply reach out today.

Extreme Wind

Although roofs have come a long way in terms of durability, extreme wind can be a common problem. In the Florida Panhandle, we experience extreme wind along with hurricanes. Being exposed to these extremes can weaken the roof and make it more vulnerable to problems. Shingles can also be damaged and even removed during a storm, making your roof susceptible to water damage, moisture and leaks.

If your home recently experienced extreme winds, we recommend scheduling a roofing inspection in Valparaiso.

Sunlight Exposure

When it comes to living in the “Sunshine State”, sun exposure is extremely common. The sun produces UV, infrared and other light which can actually slowly damage the roof to your home or business. Over time, sun exposure can actually result in damage to the shingles on your roof, making them brittle.

Temperature Changes

Living in the Florida Panhandle exposes your roof to extreme heat and in some cases, pretty cold weather. Over time, increased temperatures can lead to more deterioration of the shingles on your roof. With colder weather, certain materials will expand, making the roof vulnerable to cracking and other issues.


We’ve all learned about how our atmosphere is made up of various gases, but did you know that these chemicals can result in reactions that can result in corrosion and damage to your roof?


This one may be a bit more obvious, but trees can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your roof when not properly maintained. We recommend keeping any limbs and trees near the roof of your home trimmed at all times, this can reduce debris collection on the roof and your gutters along with avoiding damage from the tree itself.

Schedule Valparaiso Roof Repair Today

Has the environment impacted the roof to your business or home? Think you need repairs? Maybe even replacement? Contact our Valparaiso roofing company today, we would be happy to assist with any of your needs.


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