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Do I Need Emergency Roofing Repairs?

Have you noticed what you think may be a leak in your roof? Saw wear-and-tear or damaged shingles? Noticing lifting or failing flashing? These problems won’t resolve on their own and may require emergency roofing repairs. At Timberman Roofing, we would be happy to help with any of your Florida Panhandle roofing needs, reach out today to schedule an appointment for your inspection. We’ll look everything over and let you know what repairs may need to be done.

Why Emergency Roof Repairs?

Did you know that roofing problems never get better on their own? Simply worse over time as they are neglected or left unnoticed. In certain situations, an emergency roof repair may be required, this can be due to leaks, damage to their roof or even flashing problems. Neglecting to address roofing issues could eventually lead to more damage and much more costly repairs or even replacements.

Roof Leaks

Even if you only notice minor amounts of water, roof leaks can be a very serious problem, drenching walls, boards and even insulation. This can ultimately lead to wood rot and even cause your roof to fail.

If you notice what you think may be a roof leak, contact our experts at Timberman Roofing today.

Damaged Shingles

Have you noticed curled, cracked or even missing shingles on your roof? When the shingles on your roof become compromised, they can allow water to seep in, leading to mold, mildew and in some cases water damage to the home.

If you notice any problems with the shingles on your roof, an inspection is highly recommended to determine the extent of damage and what exactly needs to be done.

Flashing Problems

Flashing is the part of your roof that is used to direct water away from certain areas on your roof. Often seen around vents, chimneys, skylights, dormers and walls. When lifting or failing, it can lead to water in your home.

If you notice any flashing problems on your roof, contact Timberman Roofing today, the longer you wait the more damage can occur.

Schedule Florida Panhandle Emergency Roofing Repairs

Ready to schedule your emergency roofing repairs in the Florida Panhandle? Reach out to Timberman Roofing today to get started.


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