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Common Roof Wear-And-Tear & Damage

When it comes to owning a home, maintaining the roof can be highly important. At Timberman Roofing we often see roof damage that homeowners thought was common and nothing to worry about. We’ve also seen situations where roofs are replaced or repaired that never needed to be. Today, we’re discussing common roof wear-and-tear and damage along with that should be done about it. If you have any roofing questions or would like to schedule an appointment, simply reach out. We’re always happy to help our community.

Fading Roof Shingles

Notice the color on some of your shingles is starting to fade or become a lighter color? While this may not look the best depending upon your style of roof, it is completely harmless and tends to happen due to UV, heat and water. We recommend leaving fading alone unless you really don’t like the look it is creating.

Lifting/Curling Roof Shingles

Have you noticed that some shingles on your roof are curling or even lifting off? This is a more serious problem and can actually compromise the structural integrity of your roof and allow water to enter the home. We recommend contacting a Florida Panhandle roofing company so that they can inspect your roof and determine which repairs may be necessary.

Dark Spots

Have you spotted dark spots on certain parts of your roof? Wondering if this is a serious problem that requires attention? Dark spots are common as granules on the roof naturally come off. While this can be a sign that your roof is becoming worn, it is typically not a serious problem. We recommend contacting a company for a roofing inspection in the event you think your roof may be damaged.

Moss Growth

Is your home starting to look like something out of a fairy tale? While it may look nice, moss growth on your roof can actually be detrimental. Moss growth can allow moisture and water to enter the home, leading to a range of problems. If you notice moss growing on your roof, we recommend an inspection to determine the best course of action.

How Can Timberman Roofing Help?

At Timberman Roofing we are happy to provide free roof inspections throughout the Florida Panhandle, including Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. Based upon the inspection of your roof, we can recommend repairs (or in some cases a full replacement). We also provide free quotes to let you know the estimated cost for any roofing services.

Schedule Florida Panhandle Roof Repairs Today

Think that your roof may need repairs or even replacement? Not to worry! Timberman Roofing would be happy to provide an inspection to determine if any roofing services may be recommended. We look forward to assisting with your roofing needs.


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