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Common Causes of Roof Leaks

When it comes to owning a home or business, there are certain things that must be maintained in order to keep your home safe and structurally sound, this includes the roof. Today, Timberman Roofing, located in the Florida Panhandle (serving Okaloosa, Walton, Santa Rosa & Escambia counties) is discussing the common causes of roof leaks and what you should do in the event you experience one of these problems. Got questions? Want to schedule a consultation and inspection? Feel free to reach out to Timberman Roofing today, we’re always happy to assist.

Why Is My Roof Leaking?

When it comes to leaking roofs, there can be a number of causes, which include:

Old Roof

Depending upon the type of roof you have it must be replaced every decade or so. Shingle roofs typically last between 10-20 years depending upon maintenance, with metal roofing lasting upwards of 50 years. If you have a home or business with a roof that is past its prime, it may start leaking, causing you a lot of other problems.

If your roof is older, we recommend periodic inspections to determine if repairs or replacements must be done. Reach out today to schedule your appointment with us.

Compromised Roof Shingles

Whether they were improperly installed or mother nature took her toll on them, having chipped, cracked or missing roof shingles can become a serious problem, quickly. You can typically notice roof wear-and-tear/damage from the ground, however, it is best to have a professional inspect your shingles up close.

Noticed wear-and-tear or damaged shingles on your roof? We recommend scheduling a roofing inspection to determine the best course of action.

Improper Installation

Trust in the wrong professional for your roof installation? With the number of roofing companies in the Florida Panhandle, many of which lack experience, this can be a common cause of roof leaks. The roof membrane flashing, vents and chimneys are the most common areas in which leaking occurs due to poor workmanship.

Think your roof may have been installed improperly? We recommend reaching out to a professional with experience, knowledge and proper tools.

Schedule Florida Panhandle Roof Leak Repair Today

Think that you may need roof leak repair in the Florida Panhandle? Contact Timberman Roofing today to schedule your appointment.


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