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Can Solar Panels Impact Your Roof?

When it comes to living in the Florida Panhandle, solar panels are quite common. With the amount of UV and heat we receive on a daily basis, you really can’t go wrong with solar panels and producing your own energy. But how exactly can solar panels impact the roof of your home? Today, Timberman Roofing is discussing the impact solar panels can have on the roof of your home or business. Got additional questions? Need to schedule an appointment with our roofing company in Valparaiso? Reach out today, we’d be happy to assist.

Picture of Valparaiso, FL Roof With Solar Panels

Prior to Installation

Prior to installing solar panels, it is highly important to have inspections done of your roof. During the inspection, it should be determined whether solar panels can even be supported by your roof and when your current roof may need to be replaced. Certain roofs may not be able to support the additional weight needed to install solar panels. Roofs that are older may need to be replaced prior to installing solar panels on the roof, there is no point installing solar panels that last 20+ years on a roof that is only going to last 5 more years.

The Impact of Solar Panels

  1. Heat can be a major problem when it comes to installing solar panels on a roof. Due to the fact solar panels absorb heat from the sun, they can result in your roof becoming extremely hot, ultimately impacting the quality of your roof.

  2. Leaks can be another common problem when it comes to solar panel installation. Many contractors will drill holes to secure the panels. These areas should then be covered with pitch pans which will redirect any water, reducing the risk of leaks.

  3. Weight can be a problem when it comes to solar panels as well. Our roof structures are created to support the roof and maybe a bit of debris, however, most roofs were not designed with solar panels in mind. Getting proper inspections to determine whether you need reinforcement should be a high priority when it comes to installing solar panels on your roof.

How Can Our Okaloosa County Roofing Company Help?

At Timberman Roofing we are happy to provide free roofing inspections (and quotes if any repairs and such are needed) to determine if any damage has been caused to your roof by solar panels, to determine if any repairs or replacements need to be done prior to installing solar panels, etc.

Contact Our Valparaiso Roofing Contractor Today

Need your roof replaced prior to installing solar panels? Have additional questions? Reach out to our roofing company in Valparaiso, Florida today. We would be happy to help with any of your roofing needs.


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